Do I need to attend all classes while at business school?

Recruitment events, required reading, assignment deadlines, networking opportunities, and other responsibilities can make it difficult for you to attend every class on your schedule. This is especially true of your first year at business school. However, skipping classes is almost never a good idea, and in our opinion, the Professor noticing that you are not there is the least of your worries.

Most of your learning at business school happens during class and in your study groups. It is during this time that you get to bounce off your view point on your peers and gain different perspectives. While reading books will round out your learning, it is not an adequate substitute. Keeping up with the business school curriculum is hard enough as is. There is no sense in making it any harder simply because you did not feel like going to class.

Having said that, there will be times when you will have really good reasons to miss a class. If you do, then we strongly recommend that you consider these points:

  • If you know that you will be missing several classes in a row, definitely speak to your professor. There have been many cases where lack of attendance has resulted in very low grades. Please do not take this lightly, especially if your school does not have a grade non-disclosure policy.
  • Find out if you missed any handouts or other important information. Ask your group mates to grab one for you in your absence.
  • Just because you are missing class does not exempt you from any assignments dished out in previous sessions. Work them out and ask one of your classmates to hand it in.
  • In the off-case your professor has a habit of giving great lecture notes, ask a classmate to share the notes with you
  • Meet with your study group afterwards, so that you can review any information you may have missed.

Do you think there are other things you can do to manage lost sessions? Chime in below and help out your fellow b-school admits. We would love to hear from you! :)