FAQ: What would I get from MBA Basecamp when I sign-up?

Having done MBA ourselves, we learnt that, to really get value out of your MBA, you need to go in prepared. This is exactly why we started MBA Basecamp.

When you sign up with us, you will get access to our courses on Economics, Financial Theory, Accounting and Statistics, amongst others. Each subject is broken down into numerous sessions.

Each session will consist of:

1. a short video lesson which would cover the topic

2. real-world examples to reinforce the learning from the video lesson

3. additional suggested reading to get you ahead

This is followed by a short review test, in multiple-choice format, to ensure that you have clearly understood the concepts delivered during that session. All you have to do is complete the test to move onto the next session. Don’t sweat about grades on this website. We are all adults here and we are just concentrating on the learning part.

Hey.. hey.. Hold it right there. What if I already know a lot about, say accounting, having worked in that area before?

That is awesome too. If you already have expertise in a subject, just answer the post-session questions of your course to move on to the next session. You need not spend time with the video lessons and real-world examples if you don’t need to.

We are really excited about the launch. Sign up now! We know you will love it. :)