Heading to business school? Gear up!

Congrats on getting those admits! You are awesome. :)

You just completed your first step toward achieving that dream career you have always wanted. Revel for a while, especially if you are in that superior position of having received multiple calls from your dream schools. Try something you have never done like learning how to create smoke signals, with your GMAT prep books as fuel.

But, caution! There is a lot of stuff coming your way, such as,

• deciding on which school to attend (most important)

• getting your scholarship applications out of the way

• budgeting your years at the school

• thinking about your career after graduation (It is never too early!)

• Visa and administrative stuff (if you are going abroad)

Most importantly – read up! Prepare for your tough curriculum ahead. Start reading WSJ, Financial Times, BusinessWeek etc to get in tune with what is going on around you.

Do keep watching this space for our posts on various things you should be watching out for when heading to b-school. We are going to be there with you going in!