What is MBA Basecamp?

MBA Basecamp is the best MBA prep on the planet. Period. :)

We are a group of MBA graduates who learnt the hard way that to get the most out of an MBA you have to be really prepared for it.

An MBA is a very high-intensity affair. The pressure is always on. When you finish reading that 10-page case, you will have an assignment to complete. Then there are those fun team meetings, where your group will expect you to contribute something meaningful. Finally, when you think you have all these things under control, there are the dinners and parties you will have to attend.

To handle all this pressure, you need a very strong foundation in Economics, Accounting, Financial theory and Statistics going in. Not to forget – mad skills at Excel and Powerpoint. That is why we decided to start MBA Basecamp. Our sole purpose is to provide you with a safe, top-of-the-line online learning environment the way we would have loved it.

Why the name? The Basecamp of a mountain is an area used for staging an attempt at the summit. We, as Sherpas, want to help you prepare for the tough MBA curriculum that lies ahead and act as a ‘Base Camp’ for your ascent.